Council Agenda

Town of Georgina Civic Centre
26557 Civic Centre Rd.
Keswick, ON

“The Town of Georgina recognizes and acknowledges that we are on lands originally used and occupied by the First Peoples of the Williams Treaties First Nations and other Indigenous Peoples, and on behalf of Mayor and Council, we would like to thank them for sharing this land.  We would also like to acknowledge the Chippewas of Georgina Island First Nation as our close neighbour and friend, one with which we strive to build a cooperative and respectful relationship.

We also recognize the unique relationship the Chippewas have with the lands and waters of this territory.  They are the water protectors and environmental stewards of these lands and we join them in these responsibilities.”


Dovedale Drive, Keswick

Part Lot 6, Concession 3, (NG), File 03.1182

Agent:  Michael Smith Planning Consultants

Report No. DS-2024-0007


  1. That Council receive Report DS-2024-0007 prepared by the Development Planning Division, Development Services Department dated February 14, 2024 respecting an application to amend Zoning By-law No. 500 submitted by Michael Smith Planning Consultants; Development Coordinators Ltd. on behalf of Greengate Village Limited for lands on the south side of Dovedale Drive, Keswick;
  2. That Staff report further to Council following the assessment of all Town Department and external agency comments presented in Report No. DS-2024-0007, as well as any comments raised by the public and Council at the Public Meeting; and,
  3. That Staff provide written notice of the next Council meeting, a minimum of two weeks in advance of the date of said meeting, to the following:
    1. Any person or public body that has requested to be notified of any future Council meeting(s); and,
    2. Any person or public body that has requested to be notified of Council's decision regarding the approval or refusal of the subject application.



Motion to move into Closed Session of Council


Motion to reconvene into Open Session of Council and report on matters discussed in Closed Session